At Suffolk we will support you from the day you move in to the day you leave. 

Moving in

We want to make sure that your new home meets your expectations, and is clean, empty and in a good state of repair and decoration when you pick up your keys.

Understanding your tenancy

Take a look at the leaflets below to find out more about your tenancy.

Paying your rent

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up to date with your rent and can offer you a range of ways you can pay, depending on which is most convenient for you.

Repairs and maintenance

Report a repair and understand responsibilities for maintaining your home.


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud. Any reports of actual or suspected fraud will be taken seriously. 
Fraud comes in many different forms. These are some of the types of fraud you may encounter:

  • Housing Fraud - fraudulent Right To Buy claims, illegally sub-letting your property.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Fraud - having work done that you are not entitled to.
  • Benefit Fraud - false housing applications and obtaining benefits you are not entitled to.
  • Bribery - collusion between employee and customer or contractor and customer.
  • Money Laundering - hiding the origin of the proceeds of crime such as sham transactions to make the source of the money appear to be genuine.


Please click here to report any incidents of suspected fraud.

Pet statement

1. The purpose of this statement is to outline the approach which Suffolk Housing take to customers keeping pets in their properties.

2. We allow pets in our homes unless you access your home through a communal door (in which case only pets that are usually kept in cages/tanks are permitted).

3. You do not need consent; however, we ask that you consider the impact of having a pet on your neighbours, your home, the animal itself and your finances before committing.

4. We do not permit you to have any breed of dog to which Section1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 applies, including dogs placed on the Index of Exempt Dogs.

5. If a pet causes a nuisance, this could breach your tenancy and we will therefore take action to resolve this. This could include, but is not limited to, imposing conditions, requiring consent for further pets, reporting to animal welfare organisations, requesting the pet is re-homed or in more serious cases, taking legal action.

6. If you access your home through a communal door and need an assistance animal for a support need please contact us to discuss.

Moving out

If you want to end your tenancy please let us know and we will take you through the process and let you know your responsibilities.